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Oak Moss and Amber Soap (Freshly Made)

In an effort to provide some of our more popular soaps, and to use up any of my remaining ingredients before closing, some soap will be sold as fresh and labeled as (freshly made).

Fresh soap needs time to cure. We will wrap this soap in paper. Please leave it in its wrapping until the date in the label has arrived.

Although you can use freshly made soap, it will not last very long. So please give it the cure time it needs.

Thank your for continuing to support us as we transition out of business.


Oak Moss and Amber has a musky, cologne-like quality. It's not as overwhelming as cedar or patchouli. Rather, it is more along the lines of frankincense and myrrh. Men love this soap, as do women. I would not describe it as a neutral scent, but it appeals to a diverse audience of bathers and shower addicts.

This soap is made with the following all natural ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and castor oil. We use coconut cream for the white and crushed black walnut shells for the woodgrain brown streaks. We scent this with another wonderful fragrance oil from Candlescience.

California law now requires that we provide the safety data sheet for all essential oils or fragrance oils used in our products whenever that information is available.

Essential/Fragrance Oil Safety Data Sheet