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Solid Conditioner

Here at Whole Life Soaps, we take hair care seriously, but we also hate putting products inside plastic bottles that will float for thousands of years in the ocean and choke vital marine life to death.

To combat this problem, we offer a hair conditioner bar. It comes wrapped in a biodegradable film that can be composted.

This conditioner bar won’t weigh your hair down. It’s light, not greasy, but moisturizing for the hair. It’s made from a blend of hair friendly ingredients like cocoa butter, argan oil, and vitamin B-Panthenol. Most customers can get three months out of one bar for a single individual. How often you wash your hair and your hair length may impact this estimate.

We also do not use silicone in our conditioner. This favorite ingredient of hair care specialists coats the hair and prevents tangling and frizzing, but it's also does not biodegrade. Silicone is bioaccumulative. Scientists do not know how long it stays in the environment, but they do agree that it is a toxin to marine and land-based creatures.

In place of silicone, we use Daikon radish seed extract. It has comparable properties to silicone, prevents tangling and frizzing, and won't build up in the environment.

Ditch the silicone. Try our conditioner today. Although we do shrink-wrap our product, we use biodegradable Biolefin, which breaks down in landfills or your compost pile