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2022 Haiku Soap

Each year, in conjunction with Rattle Magazine, Whole Life Soaps sponsors a haiku contest, with the winner being published on a line of soaps for six months. Entries flood in from around the globe from a wide array of talented writers.

This year’s winner is Eithne Longstaff from Great Britain. Writing on the theme of tolerance, he beat several hundred contestants. His poem is printed on water soluble paper, and the bar is made of a glycerin base clear soap. I have also embedded into the center, a piece of cold-processed soap, stamped with the word "driftwood" in copper lettering.

The poem is as follows:

water runs seaward  
children build a driftwood dam  
stream takes another path 
This soap will be available through Christmas. The next round of the contest will begin mid-January, so look for our announcement at that time.