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Sandalwood and Sage Soap

This soap is one of our all-natural beauties.

The top and bottom layers are colored with alfalfa powder to achieve a natural olive look. We throw is a dash of soap confetti (made form soaps using only all natural colorants like charcoal powder, buttermilk, spinach powder, or tomato powder) for extra texture and to help with making a unique appearance.

The middle layer is made with indigo blue, which comes from the leaves of the indigo plant called Indigofera tinctoria. It is one of the oldest natural dyes known to humankind.

This soap turned out so pretty. We scent it with a fragrance blend called Tabacco and bay Leaf from Brambleberry.


California law now requires that we provide the safety data sheet for all essential oils or fragrance oils used in our products whenever that information is available.

Essential/Fragrance Oil Safety Data Sheet