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Zero Waste Dish Blocks

Our dish blocks are a zero waste product. Made from palm-based and coconut-based ingredients, these blocks will wash your dishes and leave them both spotlessly clean.

How-To-Use: Fill the sink and just hold the block under the water for a minute and allow the water to get soapy. For additional cleansing power, apply soap directly to your dish scrubber by gently brushing it along the top. A little goes a long way.

A Zero Waste Product: Our dish blocks come in compostable packaging. Our shrink wrap material is a soy/corn plastic and will biodegrade in both a landfill and in your compost pile. 

Storing: Please store the dish block on a slatted soap dish to help with drainage and drying, or consider purchasing one of our soap lifts to help extend the life of your dish block. Dish blocks will last a long time when stored correctly (meaning, not left to sit in water).

Bamboo pot scrubber sold separately.